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Our Services

We provide expert representation and seasoned guidance in all areas of Estate and Trust Law


Complex laws and regulations govern probate proceedings in California, often making it a stressful and complex process. We are here to guide you with confidence and compassion.


Our estate planning services will give you the security of knowing your loved ones are provided for, in the manner you want, as well as ensuring that your assets are protected.


We understand that the passing of a loved one is a painful and difficult time for everyone involved. We help make the process of administering their Trust as seamless as possible.


Our passionate attorneys bring a unique and specialized approach to every case. We consist of a team of four attorneys who solely focus on probate, estate, and trust law. We will fight for and protect your interests with zeal and determination both inside and outside the courtroom.


Care of an individual through a conservatorship is an incredibly detailed process, often shadowing it with confusion and legal complexities. The Broderick Legal Group is well equipped to assist you in all matters regarding conservatorships.


 The guardianship of a minor often involves legal statutes, requirements, and other complicating factors. We are here to answer your questions and confidently provide representation and assistance in all matters of guardianships. 


Our firm provides the peace of mind of legal advice and assistance in the formation or dissolution of a business, Corporations, LLCs and more.


We understand that each real estate venture is unique. Our attorneys work closely with you to tailor strategies that suit your specific needs and goals.

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